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Nonprofit organizations today face unprecedented challenges—global economic conditions mean a steady decline in government support as demands for their services increase. Raxon understands that nonprofits ultimately want to target donors more effectively and keep back-office expenses down using IT to drive transformation and realize lasting programmatic efficiency—so they can spend more effort and resources toward achieving their mission.

With limited resources, nonprofits have to get smart about how they target their outreach efforts to get the most return for each dollar they spend.

Our customer relationship management (CRM) and donor management services capabilities helps nonprofits direct their outreach efforts appropriately and develop more effective channels for reaching their audience. Raxon can help you identify emerging opportunities that move your organization closer to providing insight into your customers’ and donors' needs along with flexible tools to conduct effective, timely and cost efficient interactions with them.

The nonprofit landscape is continually being reshaped by the rapidly changing dynamics of supply and demand as well as an increased competition for sources of revenue. We help organizations chart an intelligent and practical course to achieve high performance in this increasingly competitive environment.

Sustaining high performance requires the ability to offer highly relevant experiences, designed to capitalize on well-understood needs of the customer and tailored to the preferences and intentions of the donors. Organizations that master these capabilities develop and execute customer-centric strategies with speed, flexibility and certainty of results.

Raxon has a successful, global track record of teaming with private sector, nonprofits, governments and other public service organizations. Together, our insights into customer centricity gained through market research and analysis, and our deep experience accumulated through years of client work combine to create a powerful resource for transformation.

We can enable your organization to keep pace with evolving market conditions, achieve the flexibility to respond quickly to changing donor expectations and execute differentiated customer and donor experiences with increased certainty of results.

Raxon understands the nuances of the nonprofit market and the tough trade-offs often required among multiple competing priorities. When you team with us, you get a highly focused, accountable team whose innovative solutions are based on lessons learned from working with nonprofits, businesses and government agencies worldwide.

Our deep industry experience and leading-edge technologies can help you to fulfill your mission—increasing the value your organization provides to the people you serve.


Raxon is a global IT solution company with our 3 year experience and about 200 employees. We provide full life-cycle services in the area of software development, web based enterprise solution, web application, portal development,web based products, windows based products for wide range of industries.
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