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We specialize in supplying Point of Sale softwares (POS) , which assist in developing & monitoring inventory, Barcoding and Billing. In This Software user can design format of billing as per requirement. There are many MIS reports regarding purchase, sale and stocks.

Point of Sale Software are the programs and computers that allows you to sale you products or services easily and uninterrupted. Commonly referred to as POS, this type of software create a centrally located area for all your data. Thus make every task, like charging a bill to multiply credit cards, simple and convenient. POS Point of Sale Software is used by a wide variety of industries and business owners to manage daily customer, employee, and inventory activity. Some examples of these point of sale activities include: real-time tracking of customer purchases, returns/credits, employee activity, inventory, orders, and more. Enterprise versions of POS Software, or multiple stores, can be networked together or operated independently of each other. A POS Software system can vary in size from a stand-alone computer, to thousands of linked workstations

Benefits of Using POS :
In today’s fast moving world of retail where customer satisfaction means more business, a computerized POS software system is definitely an upbeat choice. Competitive world of business is a tight ropewalk between profit and loss hence in order to increase productivity a fully integrated POS system should provide following benefits: Controlled costs 
• Fast, Flexible and easy-to-operate
• Inventory Management
• Sales Monitoring Better Customer Service Detailed Information using Report

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